Saturday, May 20, 2017

CONFidence CTF 2017 - results and solutions

CONFidence CTF 2017 winners (source)
The competition during this year's CONFidence CTF 2017 was fierce, with a reshuffle in the top places happening quite often during the final hours. But there can be only one winner and in the end team baloom emerged victorious!

Full scoreboard - Click to zoom in
Final TOP 1-3:
  1. baloom (3220 pts) - 10000 PLN
  2. p4 (3170 pts) - 5000 PLN
  3. Teamless (3020 pts) - 2000 PLN
Congratulations to the winners and the runner-ups!

In total, there were 22 teams which solved at least one of the 20 tasks, and the competition lasted from 10am on the first day, to 3pm on the second, with an infrastructure break at night.

There were some fun tasks this year, including a NES RE challenge running on the actual hardware, hacking a drone and - even though it sounds trivial - printing a file on the CROOK OS running on the Polish Mera 400 '70 computer. If you're curious about the specifics of the challenges or the way to solve a specific task, we're publishing short descriptions of all the problems in form of a slide deck:

Finally, we would like to thank the CONFidence organizers for hosting the CTF for the forth year in a row! And I (gynvael) personally would like to thank my team for spending countless hours with little sleep to prepare the tournament, and doubly so the main CTF organizer - our acting captain - valis.

See you next year!

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