Wednesday, May 25, 2016

CONFidence CTF 2016 task solution slides

The CONFidence CTF 2016 is over and therefore it is time for a short summary.

Let's start with congratulating once again the top three teams who took home the prizes:
  1. Tasteless (2700 pts)
  2. p4 (2250 pts)
  3. 9447 (1900 pts)
Well done, well played!

The full scoreboard is available on and includes 22 teams (limited to teams which solved at least one task).

As far as tasks go, the CTF offered 19 tasks altogether, split as following:
  • 5 x Exploitation
  • 4 x Reverse Engineering
  • 3 x Web
  • 2 x Cryptography
  • 2 x Steganography
  • 1 x Miscellaneous
  • 1 x Networking
So yes, it was a binary heavy CTF with some diversity in other categories. A brief solution to each of the task can be found on the following slide deck (originally used during a post-CTF task presentation just after the CTF):

And that's it for this year's edition. Once again, a big round of thanks to all the players, as well as to the CONFidence conference organizers and Dragon Sector team members and our friends for making this happen!

See you next year!

Photos by: masakra, gynvael

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