Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CONFidence CTF 2015 - Slides explaining the tasks

Our CTF in Kraków ended today - big "Thanks!" goes to each and every team and player that participated, we hope you had fun :). After 27 hours of playing and quite a lot of shuffling going up all around the scoreboard, the winners were decided:

2. H4x0rPsch0rr
3. SpamAndHex


We'll probably write another post about the CTF/tasks/etc later on (after everyone gets enough sleep - currently some of our team members had forgotten what "sleep" is), however due to popular demand  we wanted to publish the slides of our post-CTF presentation during which we explained the key points of all tasks we published during the CONFidence 2015 CTF:

Link: Tasks Explained
(It's a Google Slides presentation. To download in PDF please click File → Download → PDF.)

Please also find a quick photo of the final first page of the scoreboard below. And with that we'll end this post for now - good night!

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